Warning: code burgundy

Yes, you have read the title correctly. Code burgundy. The librarian has escaped the library. The librarian has escaped the library. Please remain calm. Gather in the center of town near Ms. William’s house. You know, the one who makes the cookies and turns into a bear on occasion? Please refrain from time traveling and bright lights. They might agitate the librarian further. Thank you and stay safe.

Welcome to the brilliant town of Other

Hello, totally random and mundane civilian with nowhere to go yet somewhere to be. These are the peculiar occurrences of Other and I will be your guide. You are free to ask questions concerning the town and myself. You are not guaranteed an answer. Nothing is ever guaranteed in this harsh reality of life. Other is a simple town with simple people and a simple mayor who has simple plans for world domination. Also, we have a nice new coffee shop downtown. It’s absolutely delightful. So, if you’re a lifeless sack of flesh with little to no ambition in life, come. To the place where the sun and the moon collide in a mural of fiery rock and beauty. Come and forget. Forget it all.  

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I am not human. There are no memories.

This is not a text post. Disregard these words on this screen. There is no screen. There are no words. There is only void.